Manual Can Opener

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PREMIUM QUALITY: the blade slicer and handle was made by durable stainless steel, and the surface of handle was made by anti slip silicone.

EXTRA SHARP CUTTING WHEEL: Extremely durable and heavy duty, the stainless steel blade slices through the side of the can in one touch like butter. This manual opener is designed with very strong knife like tooth on the wheels that grips the can tightly and stays sharp for years to come.

PERFECT GIFT For Different People This side cutting safety can opener is quite simple to operate. The combination of the big knob, long ergonomic silicon handle, and sharp cutting wheel makes opening cans an effortless task, even for senior citizen with weak hands from arthritis and wrist problems.

EASY TO CLEAN SIDE CUTTING EDGE: the Can could be washed in the sink or put directly into the dishwasher. You never worry about professional can opener never touches your food because the safety lid design.

AFTER SALE SERVICE: if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, we will provide full refund; if you still believe our products, we will provide a new replacement; if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.


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Never have a sharp edge on your cans again. Keep your family and yourself safe in the kitchen with the easy-to-use Zulay Kitchen Smooth Edge Can Opener.

1.Do you have an old-fashioned can opener that hasn’t upgraded it’s usefulness for over a decade
2.Have you ever hurt yourself with the edge of a can You must see the opener in action to believe it, it never leaves a shart edge and the price is just right — compare with Oxo.
3.Are you forced to re-buy can openers over and over Never worry again as our commercial opener has a lifetime warranty. It never rusts and if after long use, annything ever happens to it, we’ll simply send you a free replacement no quesiotns asked.

Introducing the state of the art, cutting-edge safety can opener that really works!

1.The opening mechanism is made with food quality stainless steel, but even so the opener never touches your food.
2.The easy to turn knob won’t let you down. Senior citizens and those suffering from arthritis and joint fatigue have reported great ease of use (see reviews).
3.Can be stored easily in a utensil drawer.
4.Eliminates contamination of your food because the opener never touches your food.
5.Requires no washing because it does not come in contact with the food, simply rinse it to prepare it for next use.

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