Protection Gloves

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Excellent comfort and dexterity to wear and grip— flexible operation, Not too hard, No sliding. The special high elastic nylon is blended to make the gloves fit your hand so well.

Durability with the highest level of cut resistant material available on the market – 4 times stronger than leather

Ideal for cutting, slicing, peeling, and grating in the kitchen, wood carving, oyster shucking, carpentry, and so much more.

100% food safe and machine washable – keeping your gloves clean is easy

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Work faster and safer with gloves that fit like a second skin
What s more of a hassle than working slowly because you re afraid you ll cut yourself It s trying to maneuver a blade with an ill fitting glove on your hand. The elastic material in your AUOON gloves makes keeping a firm grip on slippery and awkward items a snap. You ll be able to complete tasks more quickly and accurately while avoiding nicks and cuts.
Multipurpose in & out of kitchen
For kitchen users, this is a perfect oyster shucking glove or even when you are slicing with mandolin and knives. Any other risky situation that needs Kevlar gloves like sharpening knives, doing yard chores, carving pumpkin and cleaning up a broken wine glass.
AUOON oyster shucking glove can also be used when changing the blades for your lawn mower, unpacking razor boxes that were tapped and many more uses
Get superior protection against sharp blades with excellent comfort.
This protective gloves are designed to prevent cuts when working with sharp tools. Gloves for glass meet the standard EN388. It is so strong proven to be a Level 5 cut protection rating. The manufacturing process is geared towards guaranteeing cut resistance. We design these cut resistant gloves with utmost care for users’ safety. Compared with the chainmail gloves, the Dowel life gloves are designed for excellent comfort with ultra-thin, soft and highly elastic.

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